Colorectal Cancer: A Global Challenge

Traditional Treatments are Limited

Commonly applied Chemo Therapy for instance also harms healthy tissues.

Our Solution

The Need for Precision Therapy:
Targeting Tumors Directly

Modern therapies strive to target tumors directly, minimizing harm to healthy tissues. However, identifying targets that are unique to cancer cells and not found in healthy cells is a major challenge.

The Fusobacterium Clue:
Targeting the Tumor Microbiome

Recent research reveals that tumors harbor their own unique communities of microbes – a distinct microbiome. Especially Fusobacterium nucleatum provides a specific target for our precision therapy.

Our Smart Weapon:
A Targeted Enzyme Conjugate

We've engineered a powerful weapon that consists of two key parts.  First, an affinity protein acts like a homing device, specifically binding to Fusobacterium nucleatum within the tumor. Second, a linked enzyme converts a harmless prodrug into a toxic compound only at the tumor site, destroying cancer cells while minimizing side effects.